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Do you need a lightweight, nimble and compact skip bin for your next project? Is your area delicate or narrow access? Do you need a skip bin company with flexible hiring options and speedy delivery? Well then you are in the right place. Mini Bins South treats every single customer like a VIP, to make sure that we remain your first choice when it comes to skip bins for renovations, new builds, parties, bulk rubbish clean out or just about anything! We have custom designed our bins to be easy to fit into tight spots and do minimal damage to your property. Please click the “book a bin” button now and send through an online booking, and we will have a skip bin out to you on your preferred date. We look forward to handling your rubbish.

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5 GREAT REASONS TO CHOOSE mini bins south


It doesn’t matter where you live in Perth south of the river, Mini Bins WA has simple, fixed pricing so that every customer gets the VIP experience. We don’t want your post code to determine your price, and we want every customer to have the smoothest experience possible. If you live North, we have a simple one off fee of $45 for delivery and pickup, but even with the delivery fee our pricing is pretty competitive

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Minimum damage to your property is what we are all about. The light weight nature of our bins make them very friendly to your driveway, lawn, alley or backyard. Theres no point doing home improvements if your skip bins destroys the front yard right?!

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Our mini bins still hold A LOT of stuff, but they have been expertly designed to be compact to fit in those sticky situations and tight spots. This is perfect if you have a smaller property or you need to tuck the bin away in an alley or somewhere more discreet.

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Flexibility of placement and speed of delivery is what we are all about. Whether you want the bin for a week, or 2, whatever works for you works for us. Wherever you want the bin works for us too to maximise the convenience to you, did we mention that every single customer gets VIP treatment?

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One of our unique guarantees is that we will always deliver you a modern, clean looking bin which will be totally graffiti free. We know how ugly graffiti can be and we don’t to make your property look bad by having a vandalised bin.

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Yes, we prefer sand, bricks etc in first and lighter stuff on top, but thats still up to you as the customer as your convenience is our number one priority.

We get that things can go wrong , call us on 0418 951 857, before pick up is due, to discuss your situation and we usually can grant a few extra days grace