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Key Points to Consider When Ordering Your Skip Bin

Rather than cramming your excess trash piecemeal into your council bin each week, many are now opting for the convenience of ordering a skip bin to their property to expedite the process.

There are many companies to choose from online these days, but there are a few key variables to consider to achieve the most bang for your buck and to get the most appropriate bin for your project.

Firstly, for most residential jobs, there is often access restrictions that mean a large truck can not access your property. Some skip companies are more oriented towards larger skip bins (5-12 cubic metre bins), and so require larger, heavier trucks to facilitate this. Yes, they can still deliver a smaller bin to you, but may not fit down your driveway, and are more likely to cause damage to your verge or paving. Choose a company that specialise in smaller bins and have customised compact trucks to enable this.

Next, it’s important to let the Hire Waste Bin provider know what you plan to put in the skip. If it’s general household items (remember no hazardous waste such as paint, asbestos, tyres & batteries and no general household trash such as food waste, nappies etc), you can request the larger bins (3 & 4 m3) as this type of product is light and can be easily picked up. However, if you are tidying up some leftover pavers or bricks, these are heavy, and weight restrictions will need to be considered (even a 2 m3 bin will hold over 2 tons of bricks/pavers).

You can minimise cost by booking online, and you can customise the length of your bin hire. This optimises the total cost of your hire, and gets the bin out of your way as soon as possible.

Remember, a lot of your “things” that you purge will end up being carefully recycled, so it also makes environmental sense to get it out from under your feet and made into new products!

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